ABC Bunker Oil SpA is a new company with three main lines of business: Adviser, Brokerage and Consulting.  

It´s a company dedicated to intermediate the purchase/sell of marine fuels and lubricants, delivering transparent and intelligent information to ship owners or charters and physical suppliers.

We seek that our clients obtain not only the best price alternative, but also the best quality of products and services; according to the demanding requirements that the market and regulation requires every day.

We advise on issues that affect directly or indirectly the use of marine fuels, for instance we can mention the enviromental regulation that will affect sulfur indexes that must be accomplished before January 1st of 2020.

We are Consultants in the design and development of commercial and operational networks for the bunker business, with a special focus on lower payments for demurrages and minimizing exposure to the different risks faced by our clients.