Pedro Vergara Ubeda

Thirty-nine years of experience working in shipping industry. Develop in different positions in the CSAV Group from Merchant Engineer on board international traffic ships, Senior Technical Assistant in the ship management company until Bunkering Manager in charge of purchase of marine fuels for the fleet of ships operated by CSAV (about 160 ships with app 2.75 million annual MT of consumption). Subsequently from June 2005 to Feb 2016 he served as General Manager at KPI Bridge Oil Group, in the Latin American office located at Chile, experience has been gained from working with some of the world’s leading and most demanding companies. Mr. Vergara is a graduate of Industrial Civil Engineer, in addition to being an Engineer (E) Mechanic, professor in Bunker Basic courses, dictated under the patronage of the International Bunkering Industry Association (IBIA)

Javier Gálvez Castroviejo

Executive with more than twenty years of work experience, mainly in fuels and lubricants industry (sixteen years in Shell Chile S.A.), with proven achievements in sales and business unit management. First years he worked in different positions within Santander Group.
It can be highlighted the responsability of Shell Marine Products business in Chile during four years and the experience to be Head of Transport Area (Operations) in charge of the management of all transport contracts of Enex (Company that bougt Shell business in Chile).

Mr. Gálvez is graduated Information Engineer and Control Management and Auditor Accountant of the University of Chile. He also obtained a  M.B.A. degree with Finance Mention in the same institution.